The PBA Marathon Game has been around as long as the program. Every year at the end of the fall the players in the program play a 100 inning game at Lloyd Nolan Yard to raise money for the program. It is an all day event and in recent years the coaching staff has had the players dress up in their best Halloween costume. There are grocery gift card prizes for the best costumes. It is an all day event, which is fun for the players and family members who attend to watch.


The fundraising comes from the players and their friends and families. Every year the players are asked to send letters and pledge forms to family members asking for donations to play the Marathon Game. This year over 1500 letters were sent out from only 53 players. The number of players at PBA was down slightly compared to past years, but the fundraising has been fantastic. The money raised goes right back to the players. It is getting more and more expensive to travel to the United States each February and March and these donations will help offset those costs.


The coaching staff at PBA cannot thank everyone who donated this year enough. Without our outstanding support we would not be able to run this program so successfully each and every year.





 Costume finalists from this years Marathon Game.